Easy Care Ambulance expanding resources in Region Jönköping County in Sweden

December 1, 2016 starts out an Easy Care Ambulance in service in Region Jönköping County. It means additional resources, primarily for patients who need to be moved between different hospitals on the area and which have a need for care during the transfer.

This is a cost effective way to differentiate our resources. I think this is the beginning of a new era where we have different vehicles for different tasks, says Daniel Lilja, an Operations Manager for the ambulance service in Region Jönköping County.

Easy Care Ambulance is an additional resource to the other 21 ambulances available in Region Jönköping County, at the daytime on weekdays. Easy care ambulance will be used to transport patients who are medically stable, but has certain needs during the transfer for example monitoring, drip or oxygen. Easy Care Ambulance has the same equipment as an emergency ambulance, excluding some equipment for fixation of patients in case of accident.

The main difference is that it is staffed by one person, an experienced ambulance nurse, and equipped with an electrically operated stretcher that makes it easy for one person to load and unload the patient.

About 90 percent of shipments are expected to be transfers, mainly between the three hospitals in Jönköping County, but also for operations where patients will be moved to or from other hospitals in Sweden.

The ambulance is among others things equipped with surveillance equipment and with rotary driver’s seat. I can easily swing around with the driver’s seat and turn to the patient when needed, said Thomas Håkansson, one of the four ambulance nurses to occupy the Easy Care Ambulance.

“The right resources to the right care”

It’s great that we can start operations with Easy Care Ambulance. It means the right resources and the right skills for the right care. We now have an expanded palette of tools to work with health care, says Mia Frisk, Chair of the Board for public health care.

Easy Care Ambulance already exists in several Health Care Counties in Sweden. It is the Sweden’s “SOS Alarm” that allows the assessment and helps to make the decisions of an ambulance ordering and what kinds of transfers are suitable to drive with Easy Care Ambulance. Also the ambulance nurse in charge makes an assessment, if the patient is possible to transfer with Easy Care Ambulance instead of emergency ambulance.

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