Tamlans Volkswagen

Tamlans Volkswagen is positively different and inviting.

Tamlans provides a wide range of Volkswagen commercial vehicles. We offer spacious and functional solutions for both wheelchair- and other transport needs.

Both sliding and non sliding door models are available to taxi- and corporate use. The height of the roof may be normal or raised.

Our share of Volkswagen’s commercial and specialty vehicle sales is significant. An essential element of partnership is joint product development. Strong investment in technology and product development has made the Volkswagen commercial vehicles safe and efficient. BlueMotion Technologies solutions help to save the environment.




Tamlans Volkswagen vehicle interior can be modified with stylish, domestic and high quality decorative elements or by using the factory’s upholstery.

An individual exterior look is created with roof-raising modifications, front grill covers, dark insulating window glass, extra lighting, painted bumper covers and chrome accessories. Also with integrated brake lights, decorative graphics, decals, custom stickers and car wraps.



For additional character, we offer roof wings with integrated brake light, decorative stickers and paintwork.


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