Multifunctional Volkswagen Amarok has capabilities for various types of emergency care and rescue tasks.

Volkswagen Amarok Tamlans – Hybrid Ambulance

The Volkswagen Amarok Tamlans V6 modular ambulance is a combination of type B ambulance and light fire fighting vehicle. The multifunctional hybrid ambulance improves the service level of the rescue service, enhances its operation and enables 24/7 response level.

The module is based on composite structure, which makes it light and durable. With the module’s shock- and sound absorption properties, ambulance trips will be more enjoyable for both patients and medical staff.

The multifunctional modular ambulance can be driven on a category B license. It is excellent for its drive-ability, even in the most demanding driving conditions. The 4WD vehicle with a powerful V6 engine (165 kW/224 hp or 190 kW/258 hp) won’t run out of power and reaches the patient even in the areas with rough terrain. The driving characteristics are in the class of their own, even in harsh conditions. No compromise has been made in the spacious command center interior neither.

Maintenance and replacing of parts have been made as easy as possible. The design incorporates the easy access to the service areas as well as adequate facilities. The electrical systems are clearly arranged in one place in the partition wall of the cabin and the communication devices to the left front door. Composite structured module will not rust and it can be transferred to a new platform in the event of a collision.

Volkswagen Amarok Tamlans – Command Vehicle

Volkswagen Amarok command center interior is well designed and easily modifiable work environment. All the equipments and instruments needed are easily found and can be reached while seated in the seat belts. The shelves have illuminated Plexiglas windows through which can immediately see what can be found in the shelves. The interior walls are smooth and easy to clean.

The car has seating for four, all the necessary equipment can fit into the vehicle properly. Command center interior has good office-like premises for communal work and government cooperation. Other officials are also able to act in the command center on the ground.

Equipment premises on both sides separately for the driver and fireman equipment and behind for the equipment of initial extinguishing, clearing equipment etc.

The clearing equipments are placed in the out sliding levels so that they are easily accessible. The compartment shelves are adjustable in the vertical direction.

A large screen can be attached to the rear door of the storage compartment and the tailgate area can be isolated on the tent fabric.

Vehicle interior is designed in accordance with the principle of “Clean fire station”. The goal of the “Clean Fire Station” is to reduce the crew’s exposure to air and surface impurities by proper protection. The vehicle compartments are closed and separately ventilated.

Combining of the chassis with modular-structured rescue body is unparalleled in the world. Driveability is excellent even in the harshest of conditions. No compromises have been made.


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