Tamlans Command Module has well designed interior and easily modifiable working area.

All the equipment and instruments needed are easily found and can be reached while seated in the seat belts. Shelves have clear covers to provide a good view to materials on board. The interior walls are smooth and easy to clean.

The car has seating for four, all the necessary equipment can fit into the vehicle properly. Command center interior has good office-like premises for communal work and government cooperation. Other officials are also able to act in the command center on the ground.

There are equipment premises on both sides separately for the driver and fireman equipment and behind a space for the equipment of initial extinguishing, clearing equipment etc.

The clearing equipment is placed in the out sliding levels so that it is easily accessible. The compartment shelves are adjustable in the vertical direction.

A large screen can be attached to the rear door of the storage compartment and the tailgate area can be isolated on the tent fabric.

Vehicle interior is designed in accordance with the principle of “Clean fire station”. The goal of the “Clean Fire Station” is to reduce the crew’s exposure to air and surface impurities by proper protection. The vehicle equipment compartments are closed and separately ventilated.

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