The world’s most ergonomic ambulance.



Volkswagen Amarok Tamlans modular ambulance is a well-designed and easily adaptable working environment. The idea of the design is to provide paramedics with the best ergonomics, usability, and safety. No compromises have been made. For each treatment and patient transfer device, there is an appropriate place from which they are available quickly and easily. Particular attention is given to safety. All devices are located within arm’s reach so that the seat belt does not need to be removed during transport. Shelves have clear covers to provide a good view to materials on board. The interior walls are smooth and easy to clean.

The stretcher is very easy to load and unload. An electrically operated sidestep at the right front door facilitates access to the patient compartment.

With the anti-shock and noise reduction features of the module, ambulance journeys will be pleasant for both patients and medical staff.


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