Tamlans Defence Module can serve as ambulance-, control- or service vehicle in road and off-road terrain.

The Monocoque structured modular body is secure and tested in many ways. Tests have been performed with load simulations and in practical security tests in various research institutes. The monocoque conforms to EN 1789 standard.

The body withstands high point loads and retains its shape, even following severe collisions or rollovers. The body structure is strong and lightweight. This means a good load-bearing capacity and lower fuel consumption.



The combination of the chassis with the defence module is unique. The 190 kW engine power combined with the eight-gear automatic transmission and four-wheel drive gives the opportunity for rapid movement on both asphalt roads and forest trails. The driving characteristics are in a class of their own, even in harsh conditions.



The composite defence module body will not rust and it can be transferred to a new platform in the event of a collision and damage to the cabin or if the chassis has to be renewed.




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