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Tamlans designs and manufactures unique purpose designed and manufactured modules ready to be mounted on most popular pick-up trucks chassis.

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The range of Tamlans emergency vehicles covers ambulances and special rescue vehicles such as light units, vehicles, and vehicles for rescue divers.

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Tamlans Service Module is excellent solution when high payload and road and off-road capabilities are decisive.

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Tamlans Defence Module can serve as ambulance-, control- or service vehicle in road and off-road terrain.

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Sprinter Kombi in 3/4-Frontansicht (tenoritgrau metallic) mit Aufbaulänge Standard und Normaldach.


We offer a comprehensive range of commercial vehicles showing our devotion to technology and product development – all of these vehicles constitute safe and efficient workplaces.

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Tamlans Service Module offers high payload for watertanks. Different compartments can be modified according to the task.

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Our customer value maximum efficiency, safety and ergonomics for their personnel working on wheels.

We offer superior convenience, quality, and practicality, by default and for professional use. We emphasize product development and genuine partnerships. Many of our innovations have resulted from co-operation with experienced drivers. We avoid losing the customer along the way: whenever our customers need modifications, maintenance, spare parts service or technical counselling, we are there.

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Sites are being updated

Sites are being updated. We’re launching the Finnish version on week 39


Volkswagen Amarok Negea -modular ambulance in norge’s Helse Førde

Norge’s Helse Førde film shows how smoothly Volkswagen Amarok Negea modul ambulance, ambulance helicopter and emergency operations center interact even…


What we do

we build

We build the modules to be mounted on lorem ipsum vehicles system

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we ship

We ship the ready the modules to be mounted on lorem ipsum

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we implement

You receive the module and lorem ipsum easy intallation design

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easy ride

While riding we offer full service lorem ipsum maintenance care

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