The monocoque structured modular body is secure and tested in many ways.

The Volkswagen Amarok Tamlans Ambulance Module has undergone a test and inspection programme of the Product Development Department of Volkswagen AG (UBB).

The module body ambulance has gone through a quality control programme in terms of quality of the modification and its suitability for the original vehicle. In addition to the technical inspection, the car passes demanding driving tests in which controllability, manageability and the traffic safety of the modified vehicle are examined. Tests have been performed with load simulations and in practical security tests in various research institutes.

The monocoque conforms to EN 1789+A2 class B standard. The body withstands high point loads and retains its shape, even following severe collisions or rollovers. The body structure is strong and lightweight. This means a good load-bearing capacity and lower fuel consumption.

Volkswagen Amarok Tamlans modular ambulance has been granted Volkswagen AG’s UBB-sertificate.

The fundamental purpose of UBB is to ensure that the vehicles that have been significantly modified from the original vehicles are at the level required by Volkswagen in terms of quality, manufacturing technology and above all, traffic safety. The modifications made in the vehicle do not impair the vehicles original characteristics.

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