Tamlans launches new products

Nowadays, we offer comprehensive car equipment services to our customers, from general equipment to the most demanding needs. We dare to say that our product range is the widest in the market. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers with the best possible way.

Tamlans is an ISO9001-certified company and the first equipment supplier in Finland to achieve the PremiumPartner level of a car factory. Our partnership programs for car factories require us to keep the quality of our equipment at the highest possible level.

The importance of electrical equipment is and will be more important for the operation and safety of the car than ever before. We specialize in the special requirements of electric car equipment.

General equipment has always been part of our operations, although our company is better known for its emergency and personnel transport vehicle products. For 20 years, we have supplied specially equipped cars around the world. The most distant exporting countries are Mexico and Australia. This has opened up the possibility for us to get acquainted with body building solutions in different countries, and we now want to offer the best solutions for our customers.

Over the years, we have negotiated product representations from around the world, which are now available for our customers for the first time.

Check out the new website for car equipment site with a lot of new features! (Currently only in Finnish)



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